This financial tool supports farmers’ cash flow Every fall you’re faced with important decisions about how best to market your crops or livestock, knowing you want to maximize your returns and generate essential farm cash flow. “Farmers need a financing tool that gives them flexibility to sell when the time and price are best for… Read More

Sometimes a decision to save time doesn’t have to cost more. When planning your farm’s crop nutrition plan, choosing Bio-Sul Premium Plus will help your crops benefit from season-long nutrition and increase the necessary nutrients that will boost your crop’s yield potential. Bio-Sul is a mix of Class 1 compost and elemental sulphur. The elemental… Read More

Protect Your Grain You’ve devoted time and money to your grain. Proper drying is essential to maintaining optimal moisture levels in your bin says Ron Kleuskens, Technical Sales Representative at AGI. The condition of stored grain can deteriorate due to temperature variations and moisture levels. Drying moist grain before it goes into the bin makes… Read More

What is the function of zinc within a plant? Dr. Jeff Schoenau, University of Saskatchewan Professor and Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Soil Nutrient Management Chair joins Mike Howell on this episode to discuss the role of zinc in photosynthesis, common fertilizer sources, plant availability, and soil versus foliar applications. Learn why zinc is vital for crop production and some… Read More

Thousands of Canadian farmers and G3 customers are already familiar with the state-of-the-art infrastructure at G3 facilities that creates more delivery opportunities and saves them time and money when hauling grain. The Winnipeg-based company is using technology to create new efficiencies for farmers. The SmartSell online customer portal puts more marketing power in their hands… Read More

A financial tool for all seasons of farming Every season brings a new set of farming decisions to be made. You might refine seeding plans in spring, make unexpected repairs or purchases during the growing season, or reconsider your marketing plan at harvest to align with expected production and pricing goals. You need a financing… Read More

AGI offers a range of your favourite and recognizable brands in Canada, like AGI Westfield, AGI Westeel, AGI Grain Guard, and AGI Batco. To complement their equipment, AGI also offers approved, year-round, on-farm service, to get you ready for planting or harvest. To help our Western Canadian producers, AGI Service is available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan,… Read More

Modern farm success depends on navigating the latest nutrient management practices and agronomic research. Instead of spending hours sifting through all the latest research and data yourself, eKonomics makes it easy. eKonomics puts farming’s most accurate, up-to-date information and research tools in one place — for free. You can now access that information from anywhere…. Read More

Producers need to adapt quickly in crucial crop year With a nationwide crop input shortage impacting producers, ADAMA Canada announced today that it has secured additional MCPA to fulfill its market obligations for the 2022 crop year. Even with the additional supply, the company expects it will only be able to close a portion of… Read More

Once fields have been seeded, it is time to establish your timeline for next steps to ensure you are providing the right support to your crop at the right time. Andrew Chisholm, Trait and Trait Launch Manager at Bayer, shares three key reminders for farmers to maximize crop yield in TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready®… Read More

Working in the ag industry provides you with lots of opportunities to increase your profit potential. One of the ways that Farmers Business Network® does that is through our Community Builder program. When you become an  FBN®  Community Builder, you’ll become an independent sales contractor who sells products from FBN Direct®. But becoming a Community… Read More

Growers looking to upgrade their seeding system have an exciting and unique option with the SeedMaster Ultra SR. The first single rank precision seeding tool on the market is a complete seeding system, contained in one frame. “SeedMaster has always been known for our ground engagement technology; our dual knife system that precisely places seed… Read More

G3 recently celebrated an operational achievement. One of its Alberta elevators loaded two 150-car trains with about 15,000 tonnes of grain for hauling to G3 Terminal Vancouver in less than a week — and it was the same train both times. In other words, the 2500-metre-long train loaded, traveled the 2000 km from prairie to… Read More

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Canola PODcast, sponsored by InVigor hybrid canola from BASF. The series was designed to highlight useful tips and tricks growers can bring to their canola fields to help make every acre count. On today’s episode, we’re tackling myths about canola seed performance, and to break down the topic… Read More


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