Canada and the U.S. share a border, have integrated trade systems, and similar crop mixes. The similarities don’t end there, either. Both Canada and the U.S. are dealing with trade disruption across several commodities, and are suffering from COVID-19 related shutdowns. There are differences, too, of course, and in this RealAg LIVE! Shaun Haney is… Read More

Is canaryseed the itchiest of the crops? Will StatsCan find more canola? Why are Amercian farmers so reactive to incentives but Canadian farmers less so? These are just some of the questions posed during this RealAg LIVE! Q&A with Neil Townsend, of FarmLink Marketing Solutions. Listen/watch here, and check out the summary below: There are… Read More

In this RealAg LIVE! episode with Mary Robinson, president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), Mary joins host Shaun Haney to discuss agricultural policy issues including temporary foreign workers, business risk management programs, and engaging with youth and minorities. Check out the video below, or scroll down to read the summary! Tune in Thursday,… Read More

It’s time for RealAg LIVE! Q&A with resident agronomist, Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson. The regular host of Wheat Pete’s Word is fielding questions from Western Canada, Ontario, and more in this quick discussion (summary is below) on nitrogen testing and rates, armyworm and predators, and tillage. Tune in Wednesday, June 24, LIVE! at 3 pm… Read More

It’s our first RealAg Q&A LIVE! in studio at RealAgriculture headquarters in Lethbridge, Alberta! Today’s guest is none other than Canola School superstar and agronomist with the Canola Council of Canada, Autumn Barnes. She sits down with host Shaun Haney to talk about all things canola — from plant stand counts, to throwing wrenches, to… Read More

Part of the RealAgriculture gang is here in this Wednesday episode of RealAg LIVE! Host Shaun Haney is joined by Ontario field editor Lyndsey Smith, and Manitoba field editor Kelvin Heppner, to discuss carbon tax, (crappy) rural internet, and more. You’ll have to excuse some of our technical difficulties, but listen on and send us… Read More

What would the Conservative Party of Canada do with AgriStability and other business risk programs? Does this current Liberal government understand agriculture at all? What can farmers expect to change when the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement comes into effect July 1? If the answers to any of those questions interest you, check out this RealAg LIVE! segment… Read More


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