The many ways to listen to RealAg Radio on the SiriusXM app live or on your own time


I frequently hear from RealAg readers and listeners saying “I’m not in my truck to hear the radio show everyday.” There are many ways to consume RealAgriculture content, and RealAg Radio is no exception.

It can be confusing as I rattle off all the different ways you can listen and interact on the show, so I thought it would be best to explain how versatile the SiriusXM app and other listening options are, whether you want to listen live or on your own time.

Although we appreciate the fact that some of you are so dedicated that you plan a trip to town at 4:30 pm Eastern to hear the show, or you hang out in your vehicle for an hour, there some easier solutions for the rest of you.

If you have a SiriusXM subscription you can also download the phone app, which is very slick and user friendly. This allows you to hear the show live while you are sitting in your office or in the livestock barn. The other nice feature is that you can pause the show if you need to take a phone call or deal with a chore.

Download the SiriusXM app on Apple or Android.

You can also log onto with your account credentials and run a very user friendly SiriusXM audio player on your desktop or laptop. Whether you are listening to RealAg Radio on the phone or tablet app or your computer, all of your settings for channel favourites are stored and accessible with one click.

If you miss the show live, you can listen on demand through the app within three hours of the show broadcast. Additionally you can set show alerts so you get a notification when RealAg Radio is about to start.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need a SiriusXM subscription to hear our show.

I do believe that you would benefit from hearing the full RuralRadio147 lineup everyday, but some of you might just want to hear RealAg Radio and that’s okay, too!

Outside of the RuralRadio147 eco-system you can listen to the in the following ways:

For most of these, just search “RealAg Radio” and then click subscribe. You can also set notifications in these apps so your phone tells you when there’s a new episode posted.

As Canada’s only national agriculture radio show, RealAg Radio is broadcast on SiriusXM every weekday, but if on-demand is more your style, the options are almost limitless!

And, as always, I love to get your feedback on the show, the guests, or what you’d like covered, so leave me a message at 1-855-776-6147 and hit 3.

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